Freese and Nichols Partners with Historically Underutilized Business

For over 30 years, Freese and Nichols has mentored small and disadvantaged business protégés. We have developed mutually beneficial relationships with Small, Minority, Women-Owned/Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and Historically Underutilized Businesses through our mentor-protégé program.

Freese and Nichols values its mentor-protégé partnership with Brownstone Associates, a historically underutilized business (HUB), led by President and CEO Eric Brown and CFO/COO Michele Brown. Brownstone Associates, based in Grand Prairie, Texas, is a construction management firm with a primary concentration on program management, engineering services, environmental consulting, pre-construction and post-construction processes.

Among the many advantages that the mentor-protégé partnership offers Brownstone Associates are more credibility in the industry and greater availability of resources.

“I appreciate the relationship we have with Freese and Nichols. This partnership gives us an ace card on projects we otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to,” said Eric Brown. “It helps us as a small business to grow and provides new opportunities.”

The projects Freese and Nichols and Brownstone Associates have collaborated on vary in size and complexity:

Dallas Comprehensive Storm Drainage System Assessment
Our firms are currently preparing a Comprehensive Storm Drainage System Assessment for Dallas Water Utilities. The assessment will include a review of the existing organizational structure, current operational business processes, existing regulations and guidelines, and current assets within the storm drainage system. Brownstone Associates main contributions are in asset inventory improvements and data management. Based on the findings, we will provide recommendations to maximize service delivery and protect existing assets.

White Rock Lake Dredging Study and Dam Safety Program
Freese and Nichols and Brownstone were hired by the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department and the Dallas Water Utilities Department to perform a dredging feasibility study for White Rock Lake. The purpose of this study was to evaluate alternative dredging scenarios to remove accumulated excess sediment in the lake with the primary goal of restoring lake depth for recreational purposes. The study also included a preliminary environmental permitting evaluation. The data and techniques developed as part of this study are serving as a decision-making tool to explore implementation scenarios and determine the best use of the City’s resources as they apply to a recreational dredging operation.

Following the dredging study, Brownstone teamed up with Freese and Nichols again and was selected to assist the City of Dallas with its dam safety program. The program will include tasks such as dam inspections, emergency action planning, and dam safety training.

“Our two firms know each other well and have a history of working together. Both firms are benefiting and learning from each other,” said Charley Mock, Freese and Nichols Sales Manager. “Mentor-protégé partnerships are important to Freese and Nichols. It is deeply rooted in our company culture.”