Freese and Nichols to Help San Antonio Manage $2.7 Billion Airport Expansion Program

Freese and Nichols was recently awarded the San Antonio Airport System (SAAS) contract for the San Antonio International Airport Terminal Development Program to provide program management services that include the redevelopment of existing facilities at the airport. This win means that Freese and Nichols is now working for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the Houston Airport System and the San Antonio Airport System as a prime consultant.

The development will support increases in aircraft and passenger demand for domestic and international destinations on both scheduled and charter flights. To support the growth, SAAS is initiating the Terminal Development Program (TDP) with a target completion in 2028.

As the selected firm, Freese and Nichols will manage activities required for the execution of projects throughout the Terminal Development Program. The program will include the new Terminal C, which is up to 17 gates including up to five international gates, terminal roadway alignment, a centralized receiving and distribution center, a ground transportation center and Terminal C parking garage, terminal support facilities, relocation of employee parking, relocation and/or additional Remain Overnight aircraft parking, and any additional items resulting from Advanced Terminal Planning.

The firm’s role will be integrated into a city-led team that will be a blend of City and Executive Program Manager staff. The TDP will also include projects with wide ranges in scope and complexity. The scale, concurrent projects, and operational complexity will require Freese and Nichols to provide and assist SAAS with airport-specific expertise and specialty technical services for the program to be successful.