Freese and Nichols Wins Outstanding Organization Award

(Left to Right) Jeff Payne, Alex Whiteway, Mazen Kawasmi

Freese and Nichols is honored to receive the Outstanding Organization Award from the Texas Water Utilities Association (TWUA) North Central Texas Regional School.

The Outstanding Organization Award recognizes an organization for its success and support of utility professional development, leadership, and community involvement.

“We take a different approach when it comes to involving operators, operations, and utility professionals in the plans that we develop,” said Freese and Nichols Group Manager Mazen Kawasmi, Water/Wastewater Planning, Fort Worth. “We want their feedback every step of the way. Without operator buy-in, the greatest design in the world isn’t going to work.”

Freese and Nichols was nominated for the award by Alex Whiteway, the Assistant Director of Water Utilities for our client, the City of Mansfield. Alex is also Chairman of the Board for the TWUA North Central Texas Regional School.

“I like the respect Freese and Nichols shows my front-line staff,” Alex said. “Our voices are heard. Just because you’re an engineer doesn’t mean you know everything. Just because you’re a front-line employee doesn’t mean you know everything. I think everyone brings something to the table. It’s important when a consultant shows respect for employees at any level of an organization. You get a high-quality product when everyone comes together as a team.”

Freese and Nichols is a proud partner and supporter of the TWUA North Central Texas Regional School. As part of our company’s LEADS values to “Serve Always”, we take advantage of any opportunity to give back to the communities that we serve.

“We are humbled and grateful to receive this award,” Mazen said. “Our goal is to always work in a collaborative and respectful way with our clients to deliver a successful product.”

About the TWUA North Central Texas Regional School

The North Central Texas Regional School provides education and training opportunities for water professionals and proudly support Texas Water Utilities Association’s mission to connect, engage, and educate.

Every May the North Central Texas Regional School hosts a 5-day long school to provide training opportunities for water and wastewater professionals to attend courses related to their operator licenses, as well as other special development topics.