Hands-on Slope Stability Workshop

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Jennifer Wasinger

Account Director

Freese and Nichols is partnering with John France, OWRB and ASDSO, this summer, to provide a technical workshop on the slope stability of dam embankments. The two-day workshop, which is hosted by the OWRB Dam Safety program, will be led by John France of JWF Consulting LLC, and Freese and Nichols’ Marc Miller and Colin Young. This workshop will not only focus on theory but will also provide tools for practical application and solutions for dams. 

Course and hands-on exercise topics will include the following:

  • Soil Mechanics Basics
  • Soil Stresses, Soil Compression/Consolidation and Strengths of Soil
  • Field Explorations and Data Collection, Laboratory Strength Tests and Strength Selection
  • Limit Equilibrium Stability Analysis Formulations
  • Instrumentation and Measurements
  • Stability Analysis Loading Cases
  • Seepage Through Dams and Existing Pore Pressures
  • Slope Stability Remediation Approaches

The workshop will take place in Oklahoma City, at the AOGC Building, on July 16-17. Seating is limited and participants are required to pre-register and will need a laptop, calculator and engineering scale. Attendees will be eligible for up to 12 hours of CEUs. To view the flyer click here.

If you would like more information, please contact Jennifer Wasinger at jennifer.wasinger@freese.com or 405.607.7066

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Jennifer Wasinger is an Account Director in the Central Plains Region. She has more than 25 years of experience in securing state and federal funding for infrastructure-related projects.