Harness the Power of 2D for Road Design

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Justin Oswald

Stormwater Engineer

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Todd Buckingham

Transportation Engineer

Presented at both the Oklahoma Floodplain Managers Association Conference and the Texas Floodplain Management Association Fall Technical Summit.

2D Modeling has become a valuable tool for designing roadways. Its greater level of detail enables design teams to evaluate how specific improvements would perform, especially within complex floodplains. As a case study, this presentation examines the Alsbury Boulevard project in Burleson, Texas. This new roadway will cross the floodplain of Shannon Creek near its confluence with a minor tributary; the floodplain has been significantly altered by landowners, causing floodwaters to flow in unexpected ways. The proposed road will be constructed on fill above the floodplain, obstructing the flow of water. The project design team used HEC-RAS in 1D and 2D to evaluate the impact of this fill and evaluate multiple alternative designs to pass the base flood without impacting adjacent properties.

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Justin Oswald, PE, CFM, is a Stormwater Project Manager in Fort Worth.

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Todd Buckingham, PE, ENV SP, is a Transportation Project Manager in Fort Worth. He leads our Sustainability Committee and is an ISI Certified Envision Trainer.