How COVID-19 is Affecting the Transportation Industry

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Elizabeth Palasota

Transportation Engineer

Many agencies in the transportation industry are continuing to work during the coronavirus outbreak, while taking necessary precautions to protect their workers. However, impacts of the coronavirus continue to evolve as closures and stay-at-home orders expand. Decreases in the workforce, tollway revenues and gas taxes are just some of the nationwide problems that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.

State of the Industry

Surveys and research from the transportation industry indicate that it is too early to tell what impacts projects and agencies will experience due to the coronavirus. Although many projects are still ongoing, some are experiencing a reduction in workforce, which will cause delays in projects, but they have noted that supplies have not been affected yet. The transportation industry is expecting to eventually see project delays, postpones or even cancellations.

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Effects on Revenue and Funding

Local governments and state agencies across the nation are already seeing the effects of COVID-19. As shelter-in-place orders have increased to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, there are fewer people on the roads. This is starting to reduce the revenue from taxes and tolls, which states rely on to help fund infrastructure projects.

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Relief and Stimulus Legislation

State and local governments will experience some relief with the help of the CARES Act, which will help agencies prevent, prepare and respond to the COVID-19 impacts. Funding will cover operating and maintenance costs as well as revenue loss and purchasing of personal protective equipment. Another round of federal assistance could include funding for infrastructure, but talks are in the early phases.

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Tools and Resources

Below are some tools and resources to help keep workers safe, maintain operations and reduce the number of drivers who are speeding as roads become less congested due to the coronavirus:

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Liz Palasota, PE, CFM, is a Transportation Engineer in San Antonio.