How To Find The Right Internship

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Lauren Hilton

Human Resources Business Partner

Internships are your chance to get firsthand experience along with a taste for what the field will be like. Internships also let you try different disciplines. And they give you the chance to learn and make connections with those in your future field. If you’ve enjoyed a class or project in a particular area, look for an internship in that field.

Once you’ve made up your mind on what kind of internship to look for, the hunt begins. Here are some ways to track down the right internship for you:

  • Start researching early. Most firms hire interns at least six months before the start date, so don’t wait until the last minute to start applying.
  • Look at different firms’ career pages on their websites. Firms also use Indeed, LinkedIn and Monster to list available internship opportunities.
  • Go to career fairs. Even if you’re early in your college career, this can introduce you to the firms that are out there and what they do.
  • Talk to professors. Let them know you’re eager to find an internship and ask if they know of any that would be a good fit for you.
  • Use professional organizations as a resource. One of their purposes is to forge connections, especially to help bring young people into the industry.
  • Work with recruiters. Find recruiters on LinkedIn by searching “company name” and “recruiter,” then ask if their firms have internships available. Tell them what you’re looking for and when.

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Lauren Hilton is a HR Business Partner in Fort Worth.