Interns Return to Class With New Understanding

As many of our interns head back to school to continue their degrees, many reflect on their summer, the things they learned, their favorite project and favorite things about Freese and Nichols.

Jacob Adkins, Water Resources Design, Fort Worth

I’ve learned how important it is to be organized and methodical especially when approaching new projects. There are many cases where I know I’m avoiding headaches down the line because I’ve experienced that before in the same project. Another thing is to be creative. There are a couple instances where I’ve come up with a more efficient or more accurate way of doing something, even if those things are relatively small parts of a project. In my experience, the people I work with who are my superiors are very open to new ideas. They know a lot more than I do, but there’s value in getting a new perspective.

Baylee Beatty, Architecture, Fort Worth

I have learned to ask as many questions as possible, the more you ask the more you learn. I specially liked the luncheon learns here at Freese and Nichols. You get to learn about things you have never thought about in your career, they provided opportunities to grow personally and in your career, and you get free lunch!

Katherine Deegan, Treatment, Transmission and Utilities, San Marcos

Over the course of my internship, I assisted with many different projects that were at various stages. I worked on several technical reports for Ground Storage Tank and Elevated Storage Tank projects, which is probably when I felt like I had the more direct impact which was rewarding. However, with each project I was able to assist with, I was able to learn what goes into each stage of a project, making me feel like I have gained a decent understanding of how a project progresses here.

Erin Hollingsworth, Mechanical and Plumbing, Fort Worth

My favorite part was being involved in the design work and learning all the tools that go with it. And going on site visits and meeting with clients to see how the whole operation comes together.

Chase Kurtz, Oklahoma Engineering, Oklahoma City

My favorite part of the internship was being fully incorporated into the team. I felt like I fell into a valued role that made my team more efficient.

Hailey Mueller Lavigne, W/WW Master Planning, Pearland

Every day is my favorite part—I really enjoy working alongside my team and being given serious work to do. I’m also so glad that I was given chances to learn new things on my own, things that members of my team are not familiar with!

Andrew Lu, W/WW Treatment, Pearland

One of the things I’ve learned during my internship is that teamwork is such an important aspect of engineering, especially at Freese and Nichols, and that you should always seek help if you need it.  There wasn’t a time during my internship when I felt as if I weren’t given any direction or any guidance when I needed it. I’ve also learned that it’s important to like the people you work with, and I was fortunate enough to work with an amazing group of people that believe in and exemplify what the company stands for, which made going to work every day so much easier.​

Ben Miller, W/WW Master Planning, Raleigh

My favorite project to work on this summer had to be this water quality study that we’ve been working on. It was interesting because of how complex a problem like this can be, with many potential causes. Finding a practical solution can be challenging, and certainly takes a lot of collaboration and teamwork.

Robert Parr, Program Management and Construction Management, Houston

My favorite part of my internship was being welcomed to FNI by all of the staff. When I initially started I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect during my first time in an office environment. Throughout my internship the staff engaged me in conversation, made time to help me, and treated me not only like a colleague, but as a friend. The kindness the FNI staff showed was a confidence booster and it allowed me to focus on learning and helping in any way I could.

Joanna Quiah, North Carolina Engineering, Raleigh

I love how welcoming and family-like the FNI environment is. My coworkers have done a great job showing me the ropes in a patient and effective way, emphasizing that the company values service and quality work. They’ve even helped me with preparing for the FE and let me start up an FNI volleyball team for the Raleigh Office!

Cole Smith, Transmission and Utilities – West, Fort Worth

My group has taught me so much this summer. I remember looking at plan sets my first week here at FNI and not understanding what they were for, what they did or why we needed them. My group has been the greatest teachers I could ask for. Their ability to take difficult engineering concepts and break them down has been invaluable. Watching them interact with clients, managers and each other in the workplace has given me insight as to what it looks like to be a professional. The group’s ability to make me feel like a team member, but not overwhelmed with my tasks has been amazing.

Kristin Williamson, W/WW Master Planning, Fort Worth

In my internship this summer, I’ve not only learned many technical skills, such as the use of GIS and various water modeling systems, but also numerous interpersonal skills such as communication, problem-solving, and adaptability. I’m excited to take the abilities I’ve learned in this internship into the future to further develop them in all aspects of my life! I specifically like the Freese and Nichols culture. Everyone I worked with made me feel like a valuable part of the team with views worth sharing and was, conversely, willing to help me with continued patience when I needed it. In my experience, Freese and Nichols uniquely encourages welcoming, caring, and whole-hearted attitudes in their employees that allows everyone to feel valued and enthusiastic about their work.

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