Introducing A New Tool for Water Conservation Planning

Jeremy Rice

We’re proud to announce a new, user-friendly tool for developing water conservation plans and regional water plans, along with upcoming training.

As part of the consultant team for the Texas Water Development Board, Freese and Nichols provided input in the development of the Texas Municipal Water Conservation Planning Tool (MWCPT) to ease the planning processes, preventing inconsistencies in savings calculation methodologies and target setting. This tool was adapted from an existing national-level tracking tool to include Texas-focused best management practices (BMP) and their costs.

Some highlights of the tool include:

  • Can be used by utilities who have struggled to apply real-world conservation savings data to their own system due to availability of data and the cost and complexity of adapting this information to their application.
  • Pre-loaded population and demand projections for 400+ water utilities. These include projections for passive conservation from plumbing code fixtures.
  • A pre-loaded library of the most common best management practices and their estimated cost and water savings. Estimated costs and water savings can be standardized and consistent across water suppliers through the use of the BMP library.
  • Flexibility for the user to use all pre-loaded data or to enter customized data, or BMPs based on utility specific studies that have been performed.
  • The tool generates 5- and 10-year targets for the utility’s Water Conservation Plan based on selected BMPs and calculates decadal savings and costs for regional water planning.

We’re hosting a training workshop with TWDB at 9:30-11:30 a.m. Friday, Dec. 14 in the Austin office to introduce the tool and how it works, or you can watch online via Skype. No registration is required. Watch remotely here:
Phone numbers for remote viewing: Toll-free number (866) 606-1179, Toll number (469) 206-8447, Conference ID 15209442#.

We’re also offering a hands-on, in-depth workshop of the tool covering application, its uses for conservation planning and development, and how to identify/insert data into the tool.

When: noon to 1:30  p.m. Tuesday, Jan 29th

Where: Freese and Nichols Fort Worth Office-Freese Conference Room   

Cost: Free

Click here to sign up for the Jan. 29 training.