ISI Announces Launch of Envision v3

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Todd Buckingham

Transportation Engineer

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) recently announced the launch of Envision v3. The updated set of criteria outlines ways to maintain sustainability in both design and construction. 

Among the changes in Envision v3:

  • Increasing the number of credits and points
  • Expanding the scope of credits to include lifecycle economic evaluation, equity and social justice and sustainable community planning 
  • Adding new construction-focused credits;
  • Including an explanation of what performance improvement looks like for each credit
  • Offering a choice in the verification process pathway between the design phase or the construction phase

In addition, new credential maintenance requirements take effect next month to maintain status as an Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP). These include a yearly renewal fee and yearly education requirements. Maintaining up-to-date credentials in the field of sustainability ensures that we know the latest sustainability practices and strengthens the meaning of “ENV SP.” 

Here is a detailed summary of the changes between Envision v3 and Envision v2. If you are an ENV SP, it is recommended that you download the Envision v3 manual, familiarize yourself with the changes from Envision v2 to Envision v3, and review the timing of the additional changes.

Freese and Nichols has made an increasingly stronger commitment to sustainability since joining ISI as a charter member in 2011. We now have nearly 50 credentialed ENV SPs, Envision Provision​als (ENV PVs) and certified trainers.

For additional information about Envision, see the ISI website or contact Todd Buckingham at

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Todd Buckingham, PE, ENV SP, is a Transportation Project Manager in Fort Worth. He leads our Sustainability Committee and is an ISI Certified Envision Trainer.