James R. Nichols Community Service Award: Pam Fordtran

Congratulations to Pam Fordtran, Contract Administrator based in Corpus Christi, for receiving this year’s James R. Nichols Community Service Award.

Pam Fordtran is an unsung community leader who dedicates her time and resources to uplifting those around her. For the past decade, Pam has been the Director of the Food Pantry at Grace United Methodist Church. When the pantry first opened its doors, it served approximately thirty families. Today, it provides sustenance to 170-200 families per month, a testament to Pam’s dedication and hard work.

Pam’s role extends beyond just managing the pantry. She handles all the finances, applies for grants and ensures that the funds are used effectively, whether it’s for purchasing freezers or food. Even during the Covid pandemic, when most food pantries had to close, Pam ensured that her community was fed. But her service doesn’t stop there. Pam also serves on the church cook team, preparing and serving full-course, hot meals to children attending the Wednesday youth groups and at church retreats.

In addition to her work at the church, Pam serves as the Treasurer for the Odem Area Lions Club, one of the largest service organizations in the world. The club focuses on eyesight in the community, assisting school nurses with student eye exams and raising funds for children needing eyeglasses or additional eye care. The Odem Lions Club also supports a small town nearby, providing children with backpacks filled with snacks for the weekend, ensuring they have food when not at school.

Pam’s drive to serve her community stems from the family values instilled in her at a young age. Both of her parents were excellent cooks, and this love for food and feeding others was passed down to Pam.

Pam and her husband, who have been married for 25 years, have always been career-focused. Despite not having children, they felt a desire to give back to their community. Together, they made a commitment to serve their community, finding it immensely rewarding.

Pam Fordtran is a beacon of community service, bringing resources to those who need them most, especially children. Her dedication and selflessness are a testament to the power of community service and the impact one person can make.