Kara Shuror Brings Broad Utility Insights to Financial Services Team

Kara Shuror, an experienced municipal water leader, has joined Freese and Nichols to provide financial expertise to expand our capabilities for bringing growing cities infrastructure business solutions.

With more than 25 years in municipal government and water utility management, Kara has both a broad understanding of infrastructure needs and insights into the intricacies of day-to-day operations.

Her multiple roles with the City of Fort Worth included terms as Deputy Director, Interim Director and Finance Manager of Fort Worth Water.

As Freese and Nichols’ Senior Financial Consultant, Kara will help lead efforts to find funding solutions for communities dealing with current and future infrastructure challenges, from accommodating booming growth to replacing aging facilities. She’ll work with our water/wastewater master planning and asset management teams and other groups to help provide a range of support, from conception through construction.

“Kara has dealt with the challenges that come at water and wastewater utilities from a lot of different directions, and she knows how to tackle them,” said Trey Shanks, Freese and Nichols’ Infrastructure Management Group Manager.

Kara received her master’s and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington.

She’s a member of the American Water Works Association, where she served on the Strategic Management Practices Committee, Texas AWWA, Water CFO Forum and Water Environment Association of Texas. She also served on the Water Customer Service Executive Council and Executive Summit Advisory Council for CS Week.

To learn more about our comprehensive Financial Strategies Services, contact: Trey Shanks, trey.shanks@freese.com; Kara Shuror, kara.shuror@freese.com; Jessica Brown, jessica.brown@freese.com; or Mark Evans, mark.evans@freese.com