Keep Eye On Water Quality As COVID-19 Impacts Usage

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Dave Christiansen

Water/Wastewater Engineer

Although the next few months of summer typically see some of the highest demands of the year, usage may be different or even diminished this year because of COVID-19.

Water utilities should continue to keep an eye on water quality, which could be an issue as some college campuses, business buildings, and sections of communities have closed down or seen large decreases in activity during normally busy months.

The Environmental Protection Agency has released tips for maintaining water quality, recommending coordinated distribution flushing and keeping the public updated about disinfection activities. See its tips here.

Other things to keep in mind to improve water quality are to:

  • Balance maintaining high tank levels to meet peaks in demand with cycling tanks appropriately
  • Ensure any mechanical tank mixing systems are operating effectively
  • Maintain flushing schedules
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Dave Christiansen, PE, is a Water/Wastewater Engineer in Austin.