Learning How to Anticipate Client Needs

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Mike Wayts

Infrastructure Engineer

The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, is graduating its first class of students receiving Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering degrees this spring. To highlight that milestone, The Citadel Today interviewed Freese and Nichols Construction Manager Matt Cartwright, a 2003 graduate of The Citadel who got a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering then built a career in construction management.

As an experienced project manager, Matt said three skills are essential for the job:

Communication skills: “These are the skills engineer-leaders use in our day-to-day work and that can most strongly impact the outcome of projects.”

Technical skills: “Understanding the technical aspects of designs as well as the technical aspects of construction management will help you effectively manage projects.”

Learning how to anticipate the needs of your clients: “Getting the folks who need and use information before they need it is a valuable tool to have in your arsenal.”

Matt said that two lessons he learned in college that he still uses are to learn continuously and act with integrity. These are key elements of our values at Freese and Nichols.

“I take pride in contributing to interesting projects that make the communities in which I live better,” said Matt, who’s based in Raleigh, North Carolina. “My jobs affect water storage and supply, wastewater supply, storm water and flooding. Such projects have a tremendous effect on the public’s quality of life. It’s rewarding to know I can assist in the successful completion of a project that has that kind of impact.”

You can read the full interview at The Citadel Today.

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Mike Wayts, PE, CFM, is a Vice President/Principal and North Carolina Division Manager.