Lee Freese Excellence in Mentoring Award: David Munn

Daivd Munn

Congratulations to David Munn, Water/wastewater Treatment Group Manager in Freese and Nichols’ Pearland office, for receiving the company’s Lee B. Freese Mentoring Award for his dedication to fostering guidance through the organization.

David is an outstanding individual who is known as a “humble, knowledgeable and willing mentor” to people like Bansi Khajuria, an engineer in the water/wastewater treatment group, who nominated David for the award. Through David’s patience, trust and encouragement, he has been a role model for his group both in and outside of the office. He not only builds relationships with his peers, but also takes the time to get to know their families as well as opening his family to make stronger bonds.

Through his mentorship, he has earned an outstanding reputation in the water/wastewater treatment industry. David has earned his reputation through excellent work on projects and taking the time to check in on those working with him even when he has a hectic schedule. The group he leads has experienced this, including Lindsey Reid, who described David as someone with “eagerness to be of service” no matter the situation. He truly embodies our LEADS values, especially S for Serve Always and E for Engaging as Family, as he is always thinking of others before himself.

This award is named after Lee Freese, a Freese and Nichols Vice President and Principal. Lee has served as a mentor to numerous employees, guiding them in their professional and personal development and equipping them to become leaders themselves. Lee has said the key to mentoring is knowing when someone is ready to take on more responsibility, giving it to them and then doing what it takes to help them succeed. This assistance, he says, may mean stepping in and offering help or stepping back and letting them be resourceful. More about Lee.