Lee Freese Excellence in Mentoring Award: Robert Allen

Congratulations to Robert Allen, an Associate Construction Manager from Freese and Nichols’s North Texas area, for receiving the company’s Lee B. Freese Mentoring Award for his dedication to fostering guidance through the organization.

Robert recently celebrated his 35th anniversary with Freese and Nichols. During this time, he has shared his knowledge on multiple projects while allowing those around him to grow from that knowledge. “He gave me a lot of room to exercise my judgement but reigned me in to keep me between the lines,” said Kelly Wood, Associate Engineer from the Fort Worth office.

In addition to his professional knowledge, Robert also promotes personal growth. Many people comment on Robert’s ability to instill confidence and self-assurance within themselves. James Johnson recalls this support, “not only could I perform this role, but that I would do it well.” Charlie Erwin also shares the same feelings by stating, “I recognized that he was a person with wisdom, experience, and a sharp sense of humor!…Robert was always available when I had challenging situations. He encouraged me when things were difficult.” Through Robert’s relationships, he embodies our LEADS values of E for Engage as Family and S for Always Serve.

This award is named after Lee Freese, one of Freese and Nichols Vice President and Principal. Lee has served as a mentor to numerous employees, guiding them in their professional and personal development and equipping them to become leaders themselves. Lee has said the key to mentoring is knowing when someone is ready to take on more responsibility, giving it to them and then doing what it takes to help them succeed. This assistance, he says, may mean stepping in and offering help or stepping back and letting them be resourceful. Read more about Lee.