Marvin C. Nichols Presentations Award: Paula Feldman and Jeremy Rice

Paula Feldman

Congratulations to Paula Feldman and Jeremy Rice, who received our 2021 Marvin C. Nichols Presentations Award for their outstanding technical presentation, Never Waste a Good Drought.

In their presentation, Paula Feldman, a Water/Wastewater Master Planning engineer in Duluth, Georgia, and Jeremy Rice, a hydrologist in Tulsa, Oklahoma, covered the importance of being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to droughts. The presentation encompassed forward-thinking and ground-breaking information for the future of drought planning and how to conserve water to be well prepared. Paula and Jeremy highlighted how water conservation and the installation of drought plans has helped avoid approximately $1 billion in projects. This is invaluable for businesses and cities because, with the money they can save, they will have the ability to fund other projects that might normally have been unaffordable.

During their presentation, Paula and Jeremy were interactive with their audience, allowing them to ask questions and answer any questions to give better information and insight. They were also able to demonstrate information with accurate modals and graphs to visually show the areas of drought that can be hit the most and what they can do to help prevent it. With their advice, such as “finding, repairing, and documenting leaks faster,” they are helping shape the future of drought protection. For more insight, view the full presentation here.

Our annual award for outstanding presentations is named after Marvin C. Nichols, a leader of our firm for 40 years and the first Chairman of the Texas Water Development Board from 1957 to 1963. By recognizing employees who go the extra mile, these awards strengthen employees’ professional development, share their knowledge with others in the profession and enhance Freese and Nichols’ reputation for technical expertise.