MS4 Compliance and Stormwater Asset Management

How do successful stormwater program managers make it happen?  MS4 program compliance requirements continue to increase on top of existing stormwater management expectations.  Balancing water quality compliance activities with flood protection measures with limited available funding is a challenge for many stormwater managers in Georgia and across the nation.

In this presentation, we will discuss specific asset management approaches to address stormwater management needs.  The U.S. EPA defines asset management as “the practice of managing infrastructure capital assets to minimize the total cost of owning and operating them, while delivering the service level customers desire.” It involves aspects of management, finance, engineering, planning, and other practices to find the right balance between the cost of the storm system, the quality of performance of the system, and the risks inherent in stormwater management.

The attendee will gain the following key knowledge from this presentation:

  • What stormwater asset management means
  • How to use asset management for MS4 programs to improve compliance assurance
  • How to use asset management concepts to better match storm system performance to expectations
  • How to get started with stormwater asset management.
  • How to quickly evaluate where your stormwater program stands currently for key asset management components
  • How to identify low hanging fruit for big improvements with the least cost or effort
  • How to improve your ability to identify and secure funding to meet performance expectations

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