New TCEQ Tool Ready For Lead and Copper Rule Compliance in Texas

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Julie Huerta

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

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David Munn

Treatment Engineer

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has released its finalized TCEQ service line inventory template, which utilities must use to submit their inventories to the agency as an essential step to comply with the updated federal Lead and Copper Rule.

Under Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) from the Environmental Protection Agency, inventories must be submitted to state governing agencies by Oct. 16, 2024.

Why your Inventory is Essential

The inventory is your key document and will guide the future steps you’ll need to take.

A comprehensive inventory will:

  • Help identify whether your water system includes lead service lines
  • Determine the extent of potential lead issues
  • Set the stage for other compliance actions, including: sampling, public outreach and lead service line replacement

The new template, TCEQ-20943, is available on this TCEQ page in the “Service Line Inventories” section: Lead and Copper Rule Revisions

How Freese and Nichols Can Help

Our team is working with utilities across Texas to develop inventories and prepare for compliance with LCRR, including developing two other items also due Oct. 16, 2024: An Updated Sampling Plan and Lead Service Line Replacement Plan.

Each utility has unique considerations and challenges in preparing for LCRR. We can help tailor your strategy and support you across a range of services:

  • Review of Your LCRR Preparation
  • Initial Desktop Inventory
  • Materials Verification Plan
  • Materials Verification Oversight
  • Sample Plan Update
  • Lead Service Line Replacement Plan
  • Corrosion Control Desktop Study
  • Development of Public-Facing Version of the Service Line Inventory for Website Use
  • Schools Sampling Program
  • LCRR Public Communications Strategy
  • “Find and Fix” Preparation for Single Sites Based on Action Level
  • Funding Guidance and Support

To learn more about how we can assist you, please contact Julie Huerta,, David Munn, or your Freese and Nichols client representative.

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Julie Huerta directs Freese and Nichols’ program to help clients meet new federal drinking water standards. She is based in Houston, Texas.

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David Munn is our Water and Wastewater Treatment Group Manager for Southeast Texas.

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