New TxDOT Inlet and Manhole Standard Drawings Effective February 2014

Jill Trevino

Happy New Year from Ebb and Flow!

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) issued new inlet and manhole standard drawings in August 2013. As a reminder, these new standard drawings apply to construction projects beginning with the February 2014 letting. 

The new standard drawings are for precast inlets and manholes, and are as follows: 

  • PB – Precast Base 
  • PRM – Precast Round Manhole 
  • PCO – Precast Curb Inlet Outside Roadway 
  • PCU – Precast Curb Inlet Under Roadway 
  • PSL – Precast Solid Lid 
  • POD – Precast Overpass Drain 
  • PMBD – Precast Median Barrier Drain 
  • PAZD – Precast Area Zone Drain 

The following standard drawings have been withdrawn and are no longer to be used for construction effective February 2014.

  • IL-C – Curb Inlet Type C & Extension Type E
  • IL-H-G – Horizontal Inlet Type H w/ Grate
  • IL-H-L – Horizontal Inlet Type H w/ Lid
  • MH-M – Manhole Type M w/ Junction Box

Refer to the memorandum issued by TxDOT for more information.