Renovations for Readiness

For eight years and counting, Freese and Nichols has been helping the Texas Army National Guard upgrade aging facilities across the state.

In an effort that combines utility audits, condition assessments and asset management, design, and construction services, our engineers and architects have overseen renovations to more than two dozen buildings at 20 sites.

The exterior and interior upgrades have enhanced the aesthetics, functionality and security of the facilities; corrected structural deficiencies; and reprogrammed existing spaces to better align with the Guard’s needs.

Energy efficiency upgrades —including solar window film, rainwater harvesting systems, variable refrigerant flow and geothermal-based HVAC systems, and centralized building automation systems with smart data analytics — have reduced electric, water and gas consumption.

Our team also helped secure more than $380,000 from the State Energy Conservation Office to fund some of the energy retrofit projects.

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