Robert L. Nichols Professional Service Award: Chance Sparks

Chance SparksCongratulations to Chance Sparks, an urban planner in Freese and Nichols’ San Marcos office, for receiving our Robert L. Nichols Professional Service Award for his commitment to professional development.

Chance is currently serving as the President of the American Planning Association Texas Chapter (APATX), where he has completed 250 hours of professional services projects. During his time as president, he has accumulated nine regional and state awards and has presented 26 APATX presentations. These presentations have allowed him to become a mentor and participate in leadership development that has ultimately elevated the profession of Urban Planning.

During COVID-19, Chance was able to become a leading voice through his actions at APATX. He talked about the importance of the industry, especially in rural areas that were struggling through the pandemic, and was also able to host the largest multichapter, virtual conference in APA history. His efforts gave other chapters the ability to participate in the conference when they would otherwise not have had the resources to. Chance demonstrates our LEADS values, especially S for Serve Always, through his dedication and commitment to excellence to benefit the future leaders of the Urban Planning industry.

The award is named after Bob Nichols, Freese and Nichols’ President from 1988-1991, a nationally recognized environmental engineer and advocacy for ethics in engineering. In addition to his technical expertise, his leadership as the Texas Society and National President of the National Society of Professional Engineers led to significant changes to the Society’s Code of Ethics. More about Bob.