Data Management & Analytics

The explosion of available data and new technologies provides a seemingly limitless set of opportunities to improve services, reduce costs, and simplify efforts. With our team of professionals, take what seems like an overwhelming amount of data, apply appropriate available technologies, find the value in your data for effective decision-making needs, and create visualizations to easily digest and clearly communicate information. 

From field collection techniques using the latest drone technologies, to robust modeling approaches for analyzing massive data from numerous sources, our Data Science and Technology team simplifies increasingly complex environments for better solutions. 

Data Science and Technology Solutions Services

  • ESRI GIS mapping, analysis, integrations, and implementations
  • BIM modeling
  • Power BI and Tableau dashboards and analytics
  • Drone data collection
  • Data Integrations
  • Model development
  • Data analytics
  • GIS geometric and utility networks
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Featured Projects

  • Bois d’Arc Lake Dam, Treatment Plants, and Transmission System, North Texas Municipal Water District
  • Lake Texoma-to-Wylie Pipeline, North Texas Municipal Water District
  • East Hiram Sewer Improvements, Paulding County, Georgia
  • Middendorf Springs Wetland and Stream Restoration, North Carolina Division of Mitigation Services
  • Ward County Water Supply Project, Colorado River Municipal Water District, Texas
  • Abilene Bond Program Management, City of Abilene, Texas
  • Texas High-Speed Rail, Texas Central Railway
  • Central Texas College Sports Complex, Central Texas College
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