Water and Wastewater Planning

Freese and Nichols has one of the largest groups of professionals dedicated to water and wastewater system modeling and master planning. We’ve completed a wide range of master plans, regulatory assistance services, and asset management implementations. As a result, we can provide a big-picture view of your systems to prioritize your solutions, maximize existing infrastructure, and optimize your budget. Our solutions enable you to implement long-term solutions while being good stewards of financial resources.

Start a Water and Wastewater Planning Project
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Specific Services

Comprehensive Master Planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Water, wastewater and reclaimed water system modeling
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) prioritization, development and tracking
  • Operational assistance
  • Pressure plane delineation
  • Energy analysis optimization
  • CMOM planning and implementation
  • Infiltration/inflow studies
Water Quality
  • Groundwater rule planning
  • Water quality modeling
  • Unidirectional flushing programs
  • Nitrification investigation
  • Water quality assessments
  • Water age management
  • Alternative disinfection strategies
Business Solutions
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Impact fee programs
  • Comprehensive rate studies
  • Desktop rate reviews
  • Organizational and operational benchmarking
  • Development agreements
  • State Revolving Fund (SRF) project assistance
  • Stakeholder engagement

Featured Projects

  • Interceptor Condition Assessment Program, City of Fort Worth, Texas (pictured)
  • Water/Wastewater Master Plan Phase 2 and Reuse Master Plan Update, City of Frisco, Texas
  • Water Infrastructure Plan, San Antonio Water System, Texas
  • Distribution Water Quality Evaluation, North Texas Municipal Water District
  • Comprehensive Wastewater Collection System Assessment, City of Dallas, Texas
  • Wastewater Modeling Study, City of Durham, North Carolina
  • Crosstown Tunnel Basin Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study, City of Austin, Texas
  • Wastewater System Modeling and Master Planning, City of Houston, Texas
  • Water and Wastewater Impact Fee Update, City of Fort Worth, Texas
  • Asset Inventory and Management Project, Trinity River Authority, Texas
  • Deer Creek and Chisholm Creek Wastewater Treatment Master Plan, City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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