Shad Comeaux Takes On Account Director Role For the Western Gulf Coast

Charley Mock

We are pleased to announce that principal Shad Comeaux, will be transitioning into an Account Director role, effective July 2022, and focusing on our clients in the Western Gulf Coast area.

Based in our Pearland, Texas office, Shad’s 22-year career in urban planning has given him the opportunity to understand how cities work, function and operate over time. He’s helped clients determine what water infrastructure, roadways and other needs they must address in the present as well as plan for in the future.

“Shad has worked with many cities due to his urban planning background and has great insights and experience on how they work,” said Charley. “He can leverage his experience to help cities grow the right way. We are excited about Shad’s ability to provide great client service to our customers in Southeast Texas and beyond.”

His focus and interest, over the last four years, has shifted towards client development and management, where he’s been able to form strong relationships with multiple clients. Shad has been able to introduce the client to various groups and services within our firm and secure continuous work, further establishing Freese and Nichols as their trusted advisor.

“We are always looking for people with different types of backgrounds that can collaborate with clients and grow their skillset within the firm,” said Charley Mock, Freese and Nichols’ Sales Manager.

This transition is a great example of Freese and Nichols’ endeavor to promote and cultivate our internal talent and provide new opportunities within the company.