Stormwater’s Green Infrastructure Projects Highlighted Nationally

Green infrastructure projects developed by Freese and Nichols’ Stormwater and Urban Planning + Design teams for communities in three states were featured in the July/August issue of Storm Water Solutions magazine.

Kim Patak, Stormwater Management Project Manager, authored the article, Storm Water Green Infrastructure Across Geographies, which looks at different approaches taken in communities as diverse as San Antonio and Port Aransas in Texas, Norman, Oklahoma, and Las Cruces, New Mexico.

From the article:
“From the Gulf Coast to the New Mexico desert, communities in diverse settings are increasingly recognizing the importance of building green storm water infrastructure into their futures. Large and small communities alike are embracing practices adapted to their size and geography. And they’re showing how going green for storm water resilience offers a sound investment that is affordable and compatible with development.

“Adopting a green infrastructure mindset can be as targeted as setting storm drain criteria for a new roadway or as broad as adding low-impact options to local codes.

“The benefits extend across the community, whether it’s a beachfront location, a major metropolitan area or a largely arid desert town: cooler air, cleaner water, less property damage from heavy rains, responsible use of natural resources, and ultimately, a more appealing environment in which to live and work.”

To learn more about the projects: Read the full article.

San Antonio River Authority: Brooks Development Stormwater Placement Manual

A guidebook demonstrates how low-impact development (LID) techniques can be adopted within the Brooks Development, a 1,308-acre master-planned community of homes, businesses and schools located on the site of the former Brooks Air Force Base.

City of Norman, Oklahoma: Engineering Design Criteria and Green Stormwater Infrastructure Updates

The city is adding green stormwater infrastructure (GSI) criteria and other low-impact development principles into the update of its engineering design criteria.

City of Port Aransas, Texas: Stormwater Plan and Ordinance

The city is developing a stormwater management plan, bringing together stakeholders including developers, homeowners, RV park owners and environmental groups.

City of Las Cruces, New Mexico: Development Code Update

A significant update of the city’s Land Development Code is being crafted to implement the recently adopted comprehensive plan Elevate Las Cruces and further goals such as including more landscaping that features native and drought-tolerant plants around commercial, residential and public buildings and community gathering areas.