TCEQ Adopts Revisions to the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards

Wylie Gorup

The TCEQ Commissioners recently announced revisions to the Texas Surface Water Quality Standards (30 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 307). The changes were proposed by TCEQ in August 2017 and underwent a public comment period before being adopted on Feb. 7.

The commission adopted changes to the following criteria:

  • Additions and revisions to statewide toxic criteria for the protection of aquatic life and human health
  • Numerous additions and revisions to the uses, criteria and descriptions of individual water bodies
  • Additions and revisions to site-specific toxic criteria
  • Numerous additions of site-specific recreational uses for selected water bodies

The revised rule was  published in the Texas Register on Feb. 23 and becomes effective as a state rule on Thursday, March 1.

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