Tech Boom Part Two: Wafer Plant Progresses in Sherman

The future site of a $5 billion silicon wafer fabrication plant in Sherman, Texas is buzzing with construction activity. GlobalWafers America, a Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturing company, broke ground on the plant in December 2022. Freese and Nichols is providing program and construction management services on the project.

The state-of-the-art plant for manufacturing 300-millimeter silicon wafers is being built on approximately 143 acres in south Sherman. Between this project and our water infrastructure work for the City of Sherman, Freese and Nichols is helping turn the area into a global technology hub amid a worldwide chip shortage.

“We’re playing a big role in what’s happening with the industrial boom in Sherman right now,” Program Manager Allen McRee said. “The GlobalWafers America project is a substantial investment in North Texas, and it is our job to help everyone succeed. It’s also rare for us to be working with a private client and a municipality (City of Sherman). The City is making sure that the utilities and infrastructure are there to make it all happen.”

At 1.2 million square feet, the plant footprint will be larger than eight football fields. The project is so extensive that there’s a concrete mixing plant on site to make sure concrete is readily available.

The site includes a central utility building, chemical and gas storage/facilities, a deionized water plant, facilities for industrial wastewater and reuse/reclaimed industrial wastewater treatment, and related systems.

“It’s been like getting another master’s degree,” Allen said. “I’ve learned so much about silicon wafers, how they’re processed and where they come from. This has been a very interesting process and we’re proud to be working with GlobalWafers America to bring this project to fruition.”

The products provided by GlobalWafers America will be used by companies such as Intel, Samsung, and Texas Instruments.

Substantial completion of the project is expected by December 30, 2024. Before that date, a pilot fabrication line will be put into production for product quality assurance and certification and customer sampling.

300 MM Wafering Facility
Client: GlobalWafers America
Program Manager: Allen McRee


City of Sherman Water Infrastructure Projects

Freese and Nichols is working with the City of Sherman on a number of water infrastructure projects to help meet its fast-growing water needs due to the industrial boom in the surrounding area. One of our latest projects includes the design and construction of the City’s Terminal Storage Reservoir. The dual cell terminal storage reservoir allows the City to meet increased water demand. It’s being designed for a minimum of 50 MG of storage in each cell that will provide for approximately 10 days of the City’s projected minimum demand.

Sherman Terminal Storage Reservoir
Client: City of Sherman, TX
Project Manager: Gurkan Ozgurel
Assistant Project Manager: Devan Ruiz