Test Ride: Central Texas Team Bikes New Dripping Springs Trail

Andrea Bryant and Giancarlo Patino stop for a photo on the new pedestrian bridge in Dripping Springs.

The City of Dripping Springs recently completed a pedestrian improvements project and invited its staff, residents and Freese and Nichols to test out its new hike and bike trails. Giancarlo Patino, Program Management, Austin, and Andrea Bryant, Transportation, Austin, dusted off their helmets and joined on their bikes. Freese and Nichols provided design services for the project, which included the first bike lanes in Dripping Springs, a pedestrian bridge, decomposed granite trails, new sidewalks, and an upgraded traffic signal to accommodate pedestrians.

The project was completed as a partnership between the City of Dripping Springs and TxDOT Austin District and was funded via the Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program administered by TxDOT, which provides federal funding for locally sponsored pedestrian and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects.