Texas WET Features Richardson Asset Management Work

Water/Wastewater Master Planners Mazen Kawasmi and Stephen Johnson write in the latest issue of Texas WET magazine about helping the City of Richardson develop a data-driven asset management plan to assess the capacity and condition of their entire collection system.

The article describes the City’s eight-year program and its use of condition assessments, flow monitoring and hydraulic modeling data to help prioritize recommendations for a capital improvement plan and position the City for data-driven decision making.

“The value of knowing your collection system cannot be understated and represents much more than the City’s $10 million investment,” the article concludes. “Through the cleaning and inspection efforts, capacity has been restored in the collection system, potentially deferring or eliminating CIP projects.”

The article was a joint effort by Mazen, Group Manager, North Texas Water/Wastewater Master Planning; Stephen, Senior Project Manager, Water/Wastewater Master Planning; and George Bowden, Senior Marketing Strategist; and Christina Hickey, Special Projects Engineer, City of Richardson.

Texas WET is produced by the Water Environment Association of Texas.​​​​​​​

Mazen chairs WEAT’s Asset Management Committee, of which George is a member.

Read the article:

“Proactive CMOM: Richardson’s Holistic Approach to Collection System Assessment and Asset Management” in Texas WET Issue #4 2022 (see pages 28-31)