The Importance of Bridge Services: An Austin Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Update

Our current bridge spotlight project is a collaboration of multiple disciplines for two signature pedestrian bridges for the City of Georgetown across the North and South Forks of the San Gabriel River. The bridges will serve as a gateway to the historic town square and will be unique in providing double the impact of a typical signature bridge project. The bridges will provide improved trail connectivity and access for pedestrians and bicyclists while indirectly increasing capacity on the separate, existing vehicular bridges.

What’s Next

Freese and Nichols developed three potential design concepts for the Austin Avenue pedestrian bridge project in Georgetown that will help connect downtown to other parts of the city. Georgetown City Council is expected to select a concept in November for the team to take forward into design.

About Bridges Services

Bridges are critical infrastructure assets, and the Freese and Nichols Bridge Design Team provides support throughout the life of a bridge structure, from concept development through schematic, design, construction, assessment, inspection and load rating.

How you can help

Our Bridge Team is growing with a current opening for a Senior Bridge Engineer. Stay connected for future opportunities to join this thriving team!