The Secrets to Inclusive Professionalism

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Trooper Smith

Regional Business Development Lead

As companies’ focus shifts to the retention of new employees from diverse backgrounds and expertise, the industry needs to learn how to be more inclusive.

Mayuko Mizutani, a co-op in Freese and Nichols’ Atlanta office, wrote an article for the Georgia Operator summer issue about fostering inclusive professionalism. She covers three different aspects of professionalism, including expectations of appearance, communication and cross-cultural awareness.

In the article, she also suggests asking ourselves the following questions.

  • What are we hoping to accomplish by setting this standard?
  • Who is this keeping out? Does this standard target a specific group of people, even by accident?
  • Can we reach the same goal differently?

Read the full article here on page 32.

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Trooper Smith, PE, DBIA, ENV SP, is a Principal/Vice President serving the Jacksonville and Orlando markets.