Transportation Practice Wins Big in Tarrant County

Freese and Nichols’ Transportation Practice has been selected to provide professional bond program management services for the 2021 Tarrant County Transportation Bond Program. This is our first time being named bond program administrator for the county as the firm was hired in 2021 to handle the planning of the bond program. This bond program win is valuable for reinforcing Freese and Nichols’ transportation expertise as most engineering firms are not afforded the opportunity to be a part of the program management side of a bond program.

For every bond program that Freese and Nichols has worked on, the firm has become that county’s go-to trusted advisor. Examples include:

  • Twice in Parker County
  • Twice in Kaufman County
  • Twice in Tarrant County
  • Once in Hunt County

As administrators of the 2021 Tarrant County Transportation Bond Program, Freese and Nichols will develop a website for the county to show progress, deliver quarterly reports to the commissioner, and lead a steering committee to present the project list for the community to vote on for funding.

Tarrant County hired Freese and Nichols on a four-year contract to manage the bond program and help the county coordinate with the cities on which projects to include in the program. There were 26 cities that requested funding and 33 projects were funded within a County budget of $200 million.

If you would like help thinking through all things transportation, please contact us or reach out to your Freese and Nichols client representative.