Tunneling Industry Outlook 2020: Changes, Impacts and Trends

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Brian Gettinger

Transmission and Utilities Engineer

Freese and Nichols Tunneling Service Leader Brian Gettinger says the emerging use of computer-controlled large-diameter tunnel boring machines could dramatically improve the outcomes of excavation projects by adjusting quickly to changes in ground conditions.

That’s among the insights he shared in Tunnel Business Magazine‘s “Industry Outlook 2020” feature. TBM asked four tunneling professionals about emerging trends in the industry and developments to expect in the coming year.

The roundtable gave Brian an opportunity to discuss technology advancements, the increasing interest of Texas cities in tunnels as a stormwater solution, and our work investigating the feasibility of tunnels in the Houston region.

“Tunneling presents an opportunity to install resilient infrastructure that avoids conflicts with other systems and limits impacts on the community and the environment,” he said.

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Brian Gettinger, PE, is Freese and Nichols’ Tunneling Services Leader, based in Pearland, Texas.