TWDB Amending Flood Protection Grant Application

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Scott Hubley

Stormwater Engineer

The Texas Water Development Board is amending its original solicitation for Fiscal Year 2018 and 2019 Flood Protection grants.

The original deadline for applications was March 2; however, the application period will be extended with the updated announcement. The exact timeframe for the update has not been established, but once the information is available, TWDB will repost an amended solicitation here. 

The applications are for the possible award of grants for Flood Early Warning Systems, the implementation of local strategies for alerting and responding to floods (Flood Response Plan), or Flood Protection planning studies.

The type of flood early warning system, strategy for alerting and responding to floods, or flood protection planning project that a community proposes will be dictated by, and developed according to, community needs.

Applicants or the beneficiaries of the application must be participants in the National Flood Insurance Program or have applied to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program.

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Scott Hubley, P.E., CFM, is a Stormwater Project Manager in Fort Worth.