TWDB Continues Forward Progress on the Texas State Flood Plan

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Krista Melnar

Stormwater Engineer

The Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) kicked off state and regional flood planning in Texas with the approval of rules following months of feedback and requested nominations for group members.

Approval of Rules

On May 21 the TWDB approved the final administrative State and Regional Flood Planning rules. Proposed rules were approved by the TWDB on Dec. 5, 2019. Written comments were received through Feb. 3 and oral comments during the Jan. 30 Board meeting. The public comments were compiled and reviewed to provide insight for possible revisions to the proposed rules. Click here to read more about the rules.

Last month, TWDB announced its designated 15 flood planning regions. The TWDB divided the state into regions based on river basin watersheds, and the process will develop technical tools that local decisionmakers can use to determine the best solutions for their areas. The regional flood-planning groups will develop and submit their flood plans to the TWDB for incorporation into the State Flood Plan. The first regional flood plans must be delivered to the Board by Jan. 10, 2023.

Flood Planning Group Members, Sponsors Needed

The TWDB is requesting nominations for the first flood planning group members and sponsors. The deadline to submit nominations is July 2.

Flood Planning Group Members

TWDB seeks up to 180 people to serve on the 15 inaugural regional flood planning groups. Ideal candidates will have experience in and a continued strong interest in working cooperatively on public issues; be committed to and possess expertise in flood risk-related issues; be strongly affiliated with and endorsed by the interest category for which they are nominated; and be capable of playing a leadership role in a regional flood planning group.

The Board will designate one individual for each of the 12 interest categories for voting positions in each of the 15 flood planning regions. The interest categories are: agricultural interests, industries, river authorities, counties, municipalities, water districts, flood districts, electric generating utilities, public, water utilities, environmental interests and small businesses.

For more information regarding this solicitation and for submission instructions, please review the regional flood planning group member solicitation document and use the online member nomination form.

Flood Planning Sponsors

TWDB also seeks names of political subdivisions – defined as county, city or other body politic – that are interested in supporting regional flood planning groups for each of the 15 flood planning regions. It will serve as the designated planning group sponsor; and/or providing free public meeting spaces for the planning groups and attending public to use regularly.

Each regional flood planning group is responsible for designating a sponsor to apply for and receive financial assistance from the TWDB to develop or revise a regional flood plan. For specific information on eligible sponsor definitions, please refer to the regional flood planning group support solicitation document.

For more information regarding this solicitation and for submission instructions, please review the regional flood planning group support solicitation document and use the online regional flood planning group support interest submission form.

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Krista Melnar, PE, CFM, PMP, is the Stormwater Practice Leader in Austin.