Viraj deSilva’s PFAS Research Featured in AWWA Water Science and at WEFTEC

Viraj deSilva, PE, PhD, BCEE, recently contributed to an article published in AWWA Water Science on research evaluating technologies for management and destruction of PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) using membrane concentrates. Viraj is an Environmental Engineer in Freese and Nichols’ Tampa office.

Viraj deSilva, PE, PhD, BCEE, is an Environmental Engineer and international expert in PFAS treatment.

The article, reviews historical methods such as granular activated carbon (GAC), anion exchange (AIX) resins, reverse osmosis (RO), and deep well injection, as well as newer methods, such as foam fractionation, electrocoagulation, UV irradiation, photocatalysis, hydrated electrons, plasma-based treatment, electron beam, and sonochemical treatment.

Read the full article: Managing and treating per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in membrane concentrates

AWWA Water Science is published by the AWWA (American Water Works Association), the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water. The journal is interdisciplinary and serves as an international forum for knowledge exchange and innovation publishing original, refereed research on the science, engineering, and social aspects of water.

PFAS Mandates Coming Soon

PFAS have been associated with adverse health effects like cancer, immune system dysfunction, liver damage and hormone disruption yet are found in a vast number of man-made products. As such, PFAS management is a prominent topic for water and wastewater managers, commercial and industrial operations, and military bases across the United States. As the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) gets closer to releasing mandates regarding PFAS contamination and waste management, the solutions for doing so are needed urgently.

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Viraj was recently invited to speak at the upcoming WEFTEC conference in Chicago where he will be presenting on the Most Significant Issues and Concerns Related to PFAS that a Public Works Director Should Know and Plan For.

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