What the Future of North Texas Will Look Like

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Alan Greer

Chief Business Development Officer

The latest issue of the North Texas Commission’s NTX Magazine focuses on the future of North Texas and how the advancement in technology will play a role. A panelists of experts were consulted as to what these changes and innovations may look and feel like. One of the experts was our Urban Planning + Design Group Manager/Pratice Leader Wendy Shabay.

With her 25+ years of planning experience in Dallas-Fort Worth, Wendy was able to provide some insight into the past and future of North Texas. “We’ve been talking for years now about how North Texas is going to change. Now you’re seeing it, you’re feeling it.” She also recalls how before so many people were moving out of downtown and into the suburbs — now, this trend has reversed.

As for the future of North Texas, Wendy is certain of one thing — nothing will be the same.

“We are in the crux of the technology age, where things change quickly.” As an urban planner, one of the most important things to her is understanding these innovations and staying on the cutting edge but also focusing on things that will not change like the quality of life, creating healthy environments and more.

Read the full article here.

Connect with Wendy at the 2019 Texas Municipal League Conference this week in San Antonio where she’ll be moderating a panel Wednesday about Amazon and its impact on planning.

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Alan Greer, P.E., is the Chief Business Development Officer for Infrastructure in Fort Worth.