When To Apply For Internships

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Alex Conner

University Recruiter

As the job market gets more and more competitive, internships and co-ops can put you ahead of the competition. But how to juggle an internship search with school assignments, projects, work and everything else? Here are tips on when to focus on internship applications:

When to look: Some companies hire interns up to a year in advance. At a fall career fair, recruiters are looking for interns for the next summer. At spring career fairs, the search is for the fall and the following summer.

Be persistent: If you are interested in a particular company, check their website once a week. Things can change quickly, and you don’t want to miss your window of opportunity.

Chart your timeline: Start searching for internships the summer of your sophomore year. That way, you can line up at least one internship after your junior year and one after your senior year.

Plan ahead: Do not procrastinate. But keep in mind that workloads can change and some internships may be added last minute.

Stay in the game: If you missed out the first time, don’t despair. Work on making yourself a stronger candidate: Beef up your resume, Become more involved in a professional organization. That way, when the time rolls around next year to start looking, you’ll be ready.

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Alex Conner is the University Recruiter in Fort Worth.