Will Hackett Featured in Georgia Operator Magazine

The Georgia Operator, the official magazine of the Georgia Association of Water Professionals, spotlighted Georgia Water Group Manager Will Hackett in the Summer 2023 issue as a past chair of the Young Professional Committee.

Will’s technical skills include assessment, design and construction administration/management of small- to large-scale water/wastewater treatment and conveyance projects.

He also has taken on professional leadership roles and in the magazine shares how getting involved early on helped his career growth.

Here are some of his insights:

Q: How has your job changed since you were an entry-level employee to now?
My job has changed quite a bit! As an entry-level engineer, I was more in the technical details and foundational building blocks of design and consulting projects. I also was able to “try on different hats” and work across a diverse range of projects that included a good mix of office and fieldwork. My role now has evolved more into the management of people and projects, but fortunately, we have a wonderful team here and across our clients/partners in the industry. The name of the game continues to be vigilant prioritization of tasks followed by effective delegation and/or efficient execution. Time might be as precious a resource as water!

Q: What advice do you have for those early in their careers?
For those early in their careers, it’s never too soon to build your leadership skills. People can stretch this leadership skillset at all levels. Find ways in committees, project teams, or even non-project items around the office to demonstrate that you aren’t afraid to take challenges on and lead people toward a solution. In tandem with this, I encourage entry-level engineers to not only find a mentor but also strive to be a mentor (to students, interns, etc.). Lastly, I’d say that taking the time to learn and focus on the details of what you are assigned, executing with a sense of urgency, and delivering the best quality results you’re capable of will set you apart.

Read the full article: The Georgia Operator Summer 2023 (kelmanonline.com) (See page 28)

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