SAWS Leon Creek WRC Rehab Project Featured in WE&T Magazine

Coby Gee

Automating the aeration and disinfection processes and completing other updates at SAWS’ Leon Creek Water Recycling Center serving the San Antonio area resulted in improved operations and cost savings on electricity, chemical and labor. 

The project for the San Antonio Water System required an innovative approach to design – and construction of a bypass pumping installation to keep the plant running at 100% during the extensive repair and replacement of equipment.

The $11.5 million worth of rehabilitation and process improvements, led by Freese and Nichols, helped SAWS, which serves 1.2 million customers, to continue its role as a national leader on water recycling.

The September issue of WE&T magazine features the project in an article authored by Freese and Nichols’ John Manning, Trooper Smith and Coby Gee and SAWS Project Engineer Ila E. Drzymala.

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