Stormwater and Flood Resilience

Freese and Nichols helps guide federal, state and local entities through all steps of a stormwater and flood risk reduction program, applying expertise in the latest modeling approaches, effective design and policy development. We believe in responsibly managing stormwater and flood risk to improve the quality of life in our communities – now and in the future. We integrate environmental responsibility, technical excellence and enhanced service to deliver scalable, innovative and comprehensive solutions.

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Specific Services

Stormwater Management
  • Stormwater drainage master plans
  • Stormwater infrastructure
  • Capital Improvement Programs (CIP)
  • Green infrastructure and low-impact development
  • Stormwater utility fees
  • Water-quality controls
  • Design criteria and ordinances
  • Floodplain management and development reviews
Flood Risk and Mitigation
  • Floodplain modeling and mapping
  • FEMA letters of map change (LOMCs)
  • Flood mitigation
  • Flood warning and flood forecasting
  • Dam design and rehabilitation
  • Levee design and accreditation
  • State and federal grant programs
  • Regional detention/retention
Ecosystem Restoration
  • Erosion assessments
  • Sedimentation analysis
  • Stream stabilization and restoration
  • Wetland restoration and creation
  • Sediment transport and stable channel modeling
  • Fluvial geomorphology
  • Bioengineered channel stabilization
  • Natural channel design

Project Gallery

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Arlington Heights Drainage Improvements

City of Fort Worth, Texas

Cooley Creek and Lightning Creek Flood Risk Studies

Oklahoma Water Resources Board

Fort Hood Drainage Master Plan

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Hurricane Florence Response

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

MLK Jr. Boulevard Transit-Oriented Development Stormwater Conveyance Improvements

City of Austin, Texas

Modeling, Assessment and Awareness Project (MAAPnext)

Harris County Flood Control District, Texas

Program Management for Watershed Studies

City of Fayetteville, North Carolina

Rainfall Wrangler

Freese and Nichols Research and Development Project

Citywide Drainage Master Plan

City of Fredericksburg, Texas

Stream VC(A)-1 Watershed Study

City of Arlington, Texas