Leading the Way in Texas Flood Planning

Freese and Nichols is part of a team that has completed Regional Flood Plans (RFPs) for 15 total regions state-wide on a compressed timeframe during the COVID-19 pandemic. This brand-new process for the State of Texas encompassed a complexity and depth of data gathering, assessment and reporting that has never been navigated.


Innovative Curve Enhancements on Oklahoma’s Roadways

In civil engineering, innovation is not just about creating new technologies—it’s about finding new ways to solve problems. This is exactly what the team at Freese and Nichols did when tasked with assisting the Oklahoma Department of Transportation with enhancing the safety of their roadways.

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Shawnee’s Infrastructure Milestone: The Clearpond Road Culvert Project

The completion of the Clearpond Road Culvert project in Shawnee, Oklahoma marks a significant milestone for the city’s infrastructure.

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Bois d’Arc Lake Program Marks More Milestones

The Bois d’Arc Lake Program, which started providing a new water supply for 2 million North Texans in 2023, continues receiving accolades, including a national Engineering Excellence Honor Award from ACEC and a Project of the Year Award from the CMAA North Texas Chapter.

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Managing A Successful Bond Program

Freese and Nichols is committed to assisting cities and counties in planning and implementing successful bond programs. We guide our clients through the essential steps of planning bond programs.

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Oklahoma’s Innovative Approach to Flood Management and Resilience

The interactive dashboard of the Oklahoma Flood Plan represents a crucial achievement in the state’s ongoing endeavors to bolster its defenses against flooding.

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Taking Water Reuse Mainstream to Help Parched Supplies

Water reuse continues gaining momentum as a crucial component for maintaining adequate supplies. Learn how our David Sloan is a state and national leader on water reuse.

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Viraj deSilva
David Jackson

New Federal PFAS Limits: What Water Systems Should Do Now

New federal limits on PFAS levels in drinking water mean local utilities must take action to test, monitor and plan for changes to their systems. Learn more about this rule and how Freese and Nichols can help your water system comply.

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Julie Huerta

How to Get Started on Your AWIA Risk and Emergency Updates

Learn how our water and wastewater engineers can help water systems comply with upcoming five-year deadlines for recertifying their risk and resilience assessments and emergency response plans as required under the America’s Water Infrastructure Act (AWIA) of 2018.

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Coastal Resiliency: Creating Resilient Habitats for Colonial Waterbirds

Colonial nesting waterbirds play key cultural and ecological roles in coastal ecosystems. Freese and Nichols, in collaboration with Audubon Texas, worked on the strategic location and design of new nesting islands for colonial waterbirds, recognizing their crucial roles in coastal ecosystems.

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Rhys Wilson
David Jones

Putting Heart Into Your Technical Writing

How you communicate is as important as your specialized knowledge, two of our urban planners write — advice that applies across almost every field.

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Coastal Resiliency: Enlisting Oysters for Shoreline Protection

As our coastal clients and communities face challenges like erosion, sea level rise, storm surge, and more frequent disasters, Freese and Nichols is helping them combat these issues to protect their residents and assets. The Schicke Point Living Breakwater Resiliency and Extension project is a perfect example of how Freese and Nichols integrated multiple levels of shoreline protection.

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Weatherford Reuse Project Featured in WE&T Magazine

By adding reuse to its water supply, the city also provides an example of resilience and sustainability.

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We’ve found that our focus on quality and continuous improvement provides a natural incubator for innovation. Our level of innovation in our project work, client programs and internal processes helps our clients solve their business needs. We see the impact of these innovative techniques through our high client satisfaction scores, repeat business, and our many project awards.

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