Journal AWWA Shares Our PFAS Expertise

As increasing attention across the United States focuses on the challenges of managing PFAS contaminants in water supplies, our specialist on the subject, Viraj deSilva, continues to share his expertise across the industry.

Viraj, senior treatment process leader based in Tampa, and Justas Rutkauskas, a Treatment, Transmission and Utilities Engineer in Austin, recently wrote in Journal AWWA on developments for treating PFAS in potable reuse water. The magazine is published by the American Water Works Association.

Key takeaways from their article, “Potable Reuse and PFAS”:

  • Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are concerns in water sources because of their potential health effects, widespread detection, and environmental persistence.
  • Potable reuse guidelines and regulations often include monitoring requirements for contaminants of emerging concern.
  • Advanced water treatment technologies used in potable reuse, primarily reverse osmosis and granular activated carbon, are effective at removing PFAS.
  • Regulatory frameworks for potable reuse and PFAS management are evolving at the same time; each framework needs to consider aspects of the other.

Read the full article: “Potable Reuse and PFAS” (subscription or purchase required)

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