PFAS (per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances) are chemicals used in the production of a wide range of everyday products, but now they have been identified as environmental contaminants in soil, groundwater, surface water, drinking water and biosolids.

Because of increasing concern about negative health effects of PFAS, the Environmental Protection Agency is taking regulatory steps requiring various actions by water utilities, PFAS makers and downstream distributors to reduce the public’s exposure to the chemicals. Entities impacted include U.S. Department of Defense facilities, fire training facilities, airports, and water/wastewater service providers.

PFAS Regulatory Landscape

EPA actions taken in 2024 have established several levels of regulatory requirements. These include:

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Communicating With the Public

Water systems and local officials needs to keep their customers and communities informed about PFAS and the new EPA drinking water limits. These resources can help:

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Environmental, Treatment and Regulatory Experts

PFAS Treatment and Remediation Services

With expertise and experience in environmental science and water treatment, Freese and Nichols can assist you with all aspects of PFAS regulatory compliance. Our experts can provide initial evaluations as well as plan and design treatment solutions that purify drinking water impacted by PFAS compounds.

Our teams have helped numerous clients with soil and water remediation in compliance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, assisting with stabilization, remediation and treatment of contaminated sites.

PFAS Service Offerings

Freese and Nichols can help you address PFAS each step of the way:

  • Plant evaluations, sampling plans and data analysis
  • CIP program planning, cost estimating and development
  • Pilot studies to optimize treatment efficiency
  • Treatment system planning, design and construction
  • Industrial pretreatment program development and enhancement with PFAS monitoring
  • Waste disposal plans
  • PFAS program management
  • Permitting and funding
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