Coastal and Navigation Services

Natural disasters, coastal erosion and human impacts are among the forces that regularly threaten our coastal resources. Freese and Nichols’ multidisciplinary teams provide coastal and navigation services, applying holistic, sustainable and resilient solutions to restore damaged coastal areas, prepare for the effects of unavoidable and unpredictable events, and protect the livelihoods and quality of life for those who depend on healthy coasts.

  • Coastal Structures: Breakwaters, seawalls/floodwalls, levees, marshes, islands, beaches, dunes
  • Ecosystems: Habitat restoration, wetlands assessments, sediment management, coastal watershed studies, living shorelines
  • Environmental Work: Permitting, regulatory compliance, EIS-NEPA compliance
  • Navigation Tools: Beneficial Use of Dredged Material, channel geometries improvements, dredged material management plans
  • Agency Partnerships: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); Texas General Land Office; Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority; cities, ports and NGOs
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