Water and Wastewater Engineering

Freese and Nichols has been providing professional services for water and wastewater infrastructure since our founding in 1894. We have provided cost-effective, innovative solutions to critical infrastructure issues for a wide range of municipalities and special districts with populations ranging from 2,000 to over 1 million. As your trusted advisor, we’ll work with you from the project development stage through construction to deliver reliable projects that are easy to operate and maintain.

Water and Wastewater Planning

Freese and Nichols has one of the largest groups of professionals dedicated to water and wastewater system modeling and master planning. We’ve completed a wide range of master plans, regulatory assistance services, and asset management implementations. As a result, we can provide a big-picture view of your systems to prioritize your solutions, maximize existing infrastructure, and optimize your budget. Our solutions enable you to implement long-term solutions while being good stewards of financial resources.

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Specific Services

Comprehensive Master Planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Water, wastewater and reclaimed water system modeling
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) prioritization, development and tracking
  • Operational assistance
  • Pressure plane delineation
  • Energy analysis optimization
  • CMOM planning and implementation
  • Infiltration/inflow studies
Water Quality
  • Groundwater rule planning
  • Water quality modeling
  • Unidirectional flushing programs
  • Nitrification investigation
  • Water quality assessments
  • Water age management
  • Alternative disinfection strategies
Business Solutions
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Impact fee programs
  • Comprehensive rate studies
  • Desktop rate reviews
  • Organizational and operational benchmarking
  • Development agreements
  • State Revolving Fund (SRF) project assistance
  • Stakeholder engagement

Featured Projects

  • Interceptor Condition Assessment Program, City of Fort Worth, Texas (pictured)
  • Water/Wastewater Master Plan Phase 2 and Reuse Master Plan Update, City of Frisco, Texas
  • Water Infrastructure Plan, San Antonio Water System, Texas
  • Distribution Water Quality Evaluation, North Texas Municipal Water District
  • Comprehensive Wastewater Collection System Assessment, City of Dallas, Texas
  • Wastewater Modeling Study, City of Durham, North Carolina
  • Crosstown Tunnel Basin Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study, City of Austin, Texas
  • Wastewater System Modeling and Master Planning, City of Houston, Texas
  • Water and Wastewater Impact Fee Update, City of Fort Worth, Texas
  • Asset Inventory and Management Project, Trinity River Authority, Texas
  • Deer Creek and Chisholm Creek Wastewater Treatment Master Plan, City of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Transmission and Utilities

As a leader in water and wastewater systems, Freese and Nichols is the firm of choice for fast-track and complex projects. In recent years, we’ve designed more than 1,400 miles of pipelines in urban, suburban and rural environments, and pump stations with a combined capacity of over 9 billion gallons per day. Our designs account for initial capital cost, total life cycle cost, low operations, and maintenance (O&M) cost, reliability, and resiliency. We customize our designs to meet your specific needs and follow through with construction management, startup, and O&M services.

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Specific Services

Water conveyance
  • Pump stations and intakes
  • Pipelines
  • Tanks
  • Tunnels
  • Master planning
  • Condition assessment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Energy studies
  • Hydraulic analysis
  • Operations studies
  • Route studies
  • Surge modeling
Wastewater collection
  • Interceptors and force mains
  • Meter stations
  • Lift stations
  • Master planning
  • Condition assessment
  • Trenchless technology rehabilitation
  • Inverted siphon modeling and design
  • Manhole rehabilitation
  • Odor and corrosion evaluation and control

Project Gallery

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Bois d’Arc Lake Program Management Services

North Texas Municipal Water District

Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Influent Pump Station

City of Dallas, Texas

Eagle Mountain Connection Project

Tarrant Regional Water District, Texas

Fulton-Cobb Diversion Line and Pump Station

Fulton County, Georgia

Integrated Pipeline and Kennedale Balancing Reservoir Expansion

Tarrant Regional Water District, Texas

Lake Conroe Raw Water Intake and Pump Station

San Jacinto River Authority, Texas

Main Stem Pipeline and Pump Station

North Texas Municipal Water District

Mary Rhodes Pipeline

City of Corpus Christi, Texas

Pump Station 16 and Ground Storage Tank

City of Lubbock, Texas

San Antonio River Outfall Pipeline

San Antonio Water System, Texas

Texoma to Wylie Pipeline

North Texas Municipal Water District

Ward County Water Transmission System

Colorado River Municipal Water District, Texas

Sanford/Chatham County Sanitary Sewer Extension and Lift Stations

City of Sanford, North Carolina

Kaw Lake Water Supply Project

City of Enid, Oklahoma

Surface Water Supply Project Booster Pump Station

West Harris County Regional Water Authority, Texas

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Our treatment team has served as the program manager or design consultant for water and wastewater system programs totaling a treatment capacity of nearly 3 billion gallons per day. In the past 10 years, Freese and Nichols has completed more than 300 water and wastewater treatment projects. We have led numerous planning studies and designs to deliver safe and effective augmentation of drinking water supplies using Indirect Potable Reuse. Our generations of experience enables us to provide innovative solutions using cost-effective methods that maximize value for you.

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Specific Services

Water Purification (Water Treatment)
  • Indirect/direct potable reuse for water supply augmentation
  • Brackish groundwater and seawater desalination
  • Conventional groundwater treatment
  • Conventional and advanced surface water treatment
  • Energy use optimization for membrane systems
  • Membrane filtration
  • Chlorine, chloramine, ozone and UV disinfection
  • Chemical optimization
  • Disinfection byproduct control
  • Distribution system water quality
  • Lead and copper rule compliance
  • Enhanced coagulation and sedimentation
  • Chemical feed and scrubbers
  • Softening, lime addition and recarbonation
  • Taste and odor control
  • Water supply and source water protection
Resource Recovery (Wastewater Treatment)
  • Water reclamation and reuse
  • Conventional activated sludge and high rate activated sludge systems
  • Integrated film-activated sludge (IFAS), moving bed biofilm reactors (MBBR) and membrane aerated bioreactors (MABR)
  • Biological and chemical phosphorus removal
  • Ammonia nitrification
  • Total nitrogen removal
  • Headworks, coarse and fine screening, and grit removal
  • Wastewater pumping systems
  • Primary clarification and high-rate primary treatment
  • Chemically enhanced primary treatment
  • Secondary clarification
  • Cloth media and conventional filtration
  • Chlorine, UV and hypochlorite disinfection
  • Anaerobic treatment and digestion
  • Aerobic digestion
  • Biosolids dewatering and drying
  • Class A biosolids treatment
  • Energy conservation and recovery
  • Biosolids regulations and residuals management
  • Industrial pretreatment and technically based local limits
  • Peak flow management, storage and treatment
  • Plant upratings

Project Gallery

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Catawba River Water Pollution Control Facility

City of Morganton, North Carolina

Expansion of the Auger Water Treatment Plant to 12 MG

City of Midlothian, Texas

Holly Water Treatment Plant Expansion

City of Fort Worth, Texas

Lick Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Lick Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity Expansion

City of College Station, Texas

Main Wastewater Treatment Plant

City of Port Arthur, Texas

Martinez IV WWTP and Wastewater Collection System

San Antonio River Authority, Texas

Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

City of Cleburne, Texas

Water Treatment Plant Disinfection Byproducts Reduction Improvements

Somervell County Water District, Texas

North Water Treatment Plant Improvements Project No. 3 and South Water Treatment Plant Uprating Improvements

City of Lubbock, Texas

Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

City of Pflugerville, Texas

Allison Wastewater Treatment Plant Nitrification Study

City of Corpus Christi, Texas

Village Creek Water Reclamation Facility Thickening Study and Modifications

City of Fort Worth, Texas

Phase 1C Water Treatment Plant Expansion and Zebra Mussel Control

Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority, Texas

Wylie Water Treatment Plant Risk-Based Renewal CIP

North Texas Municipal Water District


Technological advances have enabled tunnels to be constructed today where they were not possible or cost-effective before, allowing us to facilitate infrastructure projects where conventional methods would be too disruptive or expensive. From shallow road crossings for water lines to deep gravity tunnels for stormwater and wastewater, Freese and Nichols has offered this specialized service for many years. What started as a solution offered for pipeline crossings has grown into a full-service business tailored to your needs for projects of all sizes.

  • Concept development and evaluation
  • Tunnel route studies
  • Shaft site selection
  • System hydraulics evaluation, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and surge modeling
  • Desktop environmental/remedial investigations
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Tunnel excavation method evaluation
  • Economic evaluation and life cycle cost analysis
  • Tunnel and pipe design
  • Permitting and regulatory approvals
  • Public input support
  • Odor control/cleaning facilities
  • Geotechnical investigation and interpretation
  • Risk management
  • Data collection and GIS management
  • Construction inspection
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Project Gallery

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Benbrook Connection Project

Tarrant Regional Water District, Texas

HCFCD Tunneling Phase 1

Deep Tunnel Study Phase One

Harris County Flood Control District, Texas

BCRUA Phase Two Raw Water Delivery System

Brushy Creek Regional Utility Authority, Texas